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Name:An A/B/O - Knotting DR
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   The Dressing Room
This is a dressing room made specifically for playing out the kinks of A/B/O and all that goes along with it (knotting, marking, mpreg, etc.), and as such, this is a dressing room with an age requirement to join. All genres/mediums are welcome here, as are OCs and AUs. Multiples are allowed as this is not a game and there is no limit as to how many of one character anyone might be played. This is not set in any one place/setting/verse, other than it being an A/B/O verse. How you choose to have your character react to that is up to you, be it an AU setting where this is how life is or oops, stumbled into A/B/O-land.
     The Rules
  • No Harassment - This includes tagging someone that has asked you not to, along with ignoring preferences and making any players in the comm feel uncomfortable.
  • Players must be 18+ - This is something that should be visible somewhere on your profile.
  • Smut is not a necessity - There's no one stalking your threads to make sure you're meeting some kind of smut-quota. There's no AC here and you can play as you like. If you want to play out a non-sexual domestic scene or a little jealousy spat, feel free. But keep in mind that smut can and will happen in this community. This is why there is an age requirement.
  • Godmoding is not allowed - This is an interactive hobby and just because you want your character to do something doesn't meant that you can control the actions of another character to make it happen (without consent of the player).
  • No personal accounts - This is a community for roleplaying, meaning that personal journals will not be accepted.
  • Please remember to tag/cut/warn for your posts - Since this is a kink-friendly dressing room, there will be some things that can and will be considered triggery material, such as underage characters and potential violence/impregnation/bloodplay, etc. If your post falls under something that contains anything along those lines, please cut and warn for it as well as using the appropriate tags. If there isn't a tag that you feel fits your post, you can request it in the suggestion or concerns posts.
Please feel free to PM the mod account if needed for any suggestions or concerns of harassment. While we want to give the players as much free rein as they'd like to enjoy things how they like, we're also here to ensure that by stopping any harassment or rule breaking that goes on. This should be a safe environment for all parties to play out their kinks and there will be no kink shaming permitted. IP Logging is off and will remain so unless there are reasons to put it on for harassing/ban evasion.


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